Cyber Hacks in the Cloud and Communications


We are learning of more risk and exposure to end users of such product and services offered by T-Mobile and Microsoft.  As consumers in the market place we are reliant on others to provide security through the products and services they offer.  However, we should take control to the best of our ability.    

A few practices you can do to help reduce your cost and risk include: 

Stay vigilant, if you have not been updating your cyber security now is a great time to asses or re-assess your processes.   

  • Do you have an internal procedure for your employees to follow?    
  • Do you routinely provide updated training for your employees on changes to your procedures? 
  • Do you check on the current references on IT service providers you may have contracted with? 
  • Do you have planning discussions with your IT department or other resources and ask what needs to be done to stay current or ahead of new risks? 
  • Do you have insurance coverage for Cyber-attacks?  

Also, you should take note of the following: 

The federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released its Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET).  This software is designed to guide users through a step-by-step process to evaluate their network’s cybersecurity to aid in protection from ransomware threats.   

Other assessment tools have been available and may be found at: 

Nonbank Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool – December 2020 (   

 Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool (  

 Best Practices for Reducing the Risk of Corporate Account Takeovers (  

Contact your Innoivse team to help ensure you have adequate risk coverage from cyber crimes. 

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