Supreme Court and COVID Mandates

Colorado has passed new rules addressing paid leave, whistleblower, and protective equipment that went into effect January 1, 2021.

7CCR 1103-11 was adopted on November 9, 2020. This rule implements Colorado legislative enactments and accompanying rules providing protection against retaliation for, or interference with, the exercise of protected rights. This rule requires that employees and other workers receive various forms of notification of their rights.

Requirements for employers include a Notice and Posting responsibilities.

  • A poster informing all employees and workers of their rights under HEALTHY FAMILIES & WORKPLACES ACT (“HFWA”) and PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY WHISTLEBLOWER LAW (“PHEW”) must be posted, displayed, or otherwise provided by employers and principals, as required by C.R.S. §8-13.3-408 (HFWA), and C.R.S. §8-14.4-103 (PHEW).
  • A written HFWA notice shall be provided to each employee in addition to the above poster requirement.
  • Posters and notices required by the rules shall be in English and any language that is the first language spoken by at least five percent of the employer’s or principal’s work force.
  • Download the updated notification poster here.
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