What You Do After a Crash Matters


Undoubtably motor vehicle incidents can be traumatic.  The moments and hours after a crash can be full of emotion and adrenaline whether you are directly involved or assisting your team members.  The actions taken after a crash can be as far reaching as the actions taken prior to the incident.   

Even with proper pre-trip planning, defensive driving techniques and training, on-board telematics, etc. motor vehicle related crashes can and do occur. For this article, we are assuming that all the pre-incident controls are in place and are not addressing “fault” only post incident procedures.   

Regardless of fault or severity of the incident, the basic rules and processes should be applied.  Your actions after an incident has occurred can have lasting effects on any future litigation.    

It is best not to post information on social media.  Rather, all attention should be focused on those involved and ensuring the proper level of attention and care is given to those involved.  If people are injured, and you are able, call for assistance.    

Drivers (and passengers) should always remain calm and professional, cooperate with authorities once they are on the scene.   The table below should be a part of your company’s motor vehicle incident reporting procedure and training.  

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