We serve as a trusted advisor to client partners in all aspects of manufacturing, from small start-ups to established companies with global distribution. When you partner with us, we will get to know your unique business and company’s exposure so we can identify and mitigate your risk.

Once we know your business so well that only you know it better, we will look at all possible coverage options. This allows us to recommend customized, innovative insurance programs and risk management solutions that align with your business goals and objectives to help you protect and grow your organization. When you are comfortable with and select a plan, we negotiate the best coverage and pricing with our underwriters. All along the way, you receive proactive, hands-on customer service that continues throughout our relationship.


For manufacturing companies, we provide a full range of insurance and risk management programs and services, including:

Our Client Partners

We have worked with a broad spectrum of client partners in the manufacturing sector, including those that create:

Is your risk protection the best it can be? Let’s start a conversation about your business and your situation.

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