Real Estate

Whether your company develops, manages, leases, or invests in commercial or residential real estate, you need a trusted insurance and risk management advisor who understands your business and the challenges that go along with it.

At Innovise Business Consultants, we will get to know your business so well, only you will know it better. We will come to understand your exposures and how they could affect your business objectives, and we will examine your current insurance and risk management programs to determine how well they are actually meeting your needs. Then we will identify the coverage options that will provide the greatest benefit for your business.


We can handle all lines of coverage and provide innovative risk management solutions for real estate companies of all sizes. These services include:

Our Client Partners

We have worked with a broad spectrum of client partners in the real estate sector, including those that create:

Is your risk protection the best it can be? Let’s start a conversation about your business and your situation.

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