Public Entities

We rely on public sector entities to keep our communities safe, respond to emergencies, teach our children, support economic development, take care of our shared spaces and common areas, and deliver valuable services that enrich our quality of life. In turn, these agencies and organizations need an advisor and partner that understands their unique exposures and risks that they must manage on a daily basis. They will find that partner in Innovise Business Consultants.

We will work with you to thoroughly get to know your operations and understand your current coverage, then evaluate where it can improve and develop a plan accordingly. When you are comfortable with and select a plan, we negotiate the best coverage and pricing with our underwriters. All along the way, you receive proactive, hands-on customer service that continues throughout our relationship. Your constituents trust you to deliver the highest quality services. We want to earn your trust to do the same for you.


For public sector entities, we can provide a full range of custom insurance programs and risk management solutions, including:

Our Client Partners

We are pleased to be able to offer insurance programs and risk management solutions after having earned the trust of a wide range of public sector entities in our careers, including:

Is your risk protection the best it can be? Let’s start a conversation about your business and your situation.

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