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What do Policy Holders need to know in Economic Uncertainty?

We may be painfully aware of recent levels of inflation reaching a forty-year high.  While there is much that may…

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Regulatory Changes and Work Comp Impacts

What do cannabis, COVID, vaccines, mental health, and independent contractors have in common?  Recent regulatory changes related to these topics…

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Today’s Batteries, Lithium-Ion & Emerging Risk

Undoubtedly, there continues to be a growing demand for portable power for tools and equipment in today’s world. This demand…

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OSHA Expands its Severe Violator Enforcement Program

OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program has been in place since 2010 and has expanded its criteria to include violations of…

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Got Silica?

Silica has been known to be a potential health concern in many industries and OSHA revised exposure standards in 2016….

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Managing Risk with Contractual Risk Transfer

The goal of contractual risk transfer is to protect your interests by managing the risks your business faces and not…

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