I-9 Verification: Transitioning from Remote to Physical


As a result of the global pandemic, ICE made it an option to review the I-9 form (which verifies employment eligibility) remotely to help employers and employees during the unprecedented time; however, it was recently announced the remote I-9 verification will soon come to an end.

Any employers who took advantage of the remote I-9 verification process will have to complete physical examination of the work permits for those hired after March 2020. Starting on July 31st, 2023, any employers who hired people in the last three years whose documents were remotely inspected, shall be subject to a new, in-person check of original papers by August 30th, 2023. The individuals who had their documents reviewed over zoom must either: 1) have their documents looked over in an office, or 2) have an authorized representative (in lieu of the employer) verify the physical documents.

As an employer, don’t wait to have workers complete their in-person I-9’s. Any I-9’s not completed by August 30th could result in civil penalties for the employer. Have questions about how to best manage these physical document inspections? Reach out to your Innovise team.

Click HERE to read more about this switch.  

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