OSHA Announces Four New Emphasis Programs


OSHA Directives are written declarations of policy and practice on a single topic that often include implementation standards and accountability for the Agency’s offices. With that, there have been some newly added Emphasis Programs to the OSHA Directives that safety managers and business owners should be aware of:

National Emphasis Program (Nationwide – All Regions)
  • Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations NEP
    • Focus on workplace hazards common to warehousing and distribution centers
    • Primary focus (does not exclude other recognized herds) includes:
    • Consider the following for each item above:
      • Training
      • Operations
      • Maintenance

Important Dates

NEP Signed: July 18, 2023

NEP Enforcement Starts: October 17, 2023

New Region 8 (CO, MT, ND, SD) Emphasis Programs
  • Wood Manufacturing and Processing Facilities REP
    • Reduce the injury and death incident rate associated with the operation of woodworking machinery as well as reduction of health risk.
  • Scrap and Recycling Industries REP
    • Focus on hazards associated with disassembly, breaking up, separating, processing, handling and wholesale distribution of scrap and recycled materials.
      • Fire/Explosion
      • Falls
      • Harmful substances
      • Caught in hazards
      • Struck by hazards
      • Machine/automation hazards
    • Powered Industrial Vehicles REP

Important Dates – All 3 REP’s

REPs Signed: July 17, 2023

REP Enforcement Starts: October 16, 2023


To look closer at Region 8’s (and other Regions) Emphasis Programs, follow this link:


Additionally, follow this link to OSHA’s National Emphasis Programs Directives – NEP | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (osha.gov)

If you need assistance with your workplace assessment and compliance for these or other programs, contact your Innovise Risk Control Team.

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