Roadside Inspections – What to Expect


With the upcoming Roadcheck 2023 (May 16-18), you may want to consider preparing for the process. This year, the primary focus will be ABS and cargo securement (however, no unsafe driver or vehicle condition will be overlooked). 

Most Frequent Roadside Violations

Hours of Service (HOS)



Lights & Reflectors

Seat belt usage

There are multiple (8) levels of roadside inspection.  A Level I inspection evaluates both the driver and the vehicle.  Each successive level has a more specific target of focus (i.e., VIII which focuses on electronics). You can learn more about CVSA inspections here: Inspections – CVSA – Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

You can also learn more about preparing your fleet (drivers and vehicles) from the Innovise blog here:  Blog | Innovise Business Consultants (

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